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Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition is a 501-(C)-3 non-profit organization established in 2004 by a group of dedicated  people;  David L. Edwards, Willie Coleman, Esq and  Celestine Edwards ...  all committed to the advocacy of making prostate cancer a key public health care priority; as  well as helping to end the devastating impact of prostate cancer on men, their families and the greater society.

TPCC’s Youth/Adult Prostate Gland Health Education Initiative includes educating immediate family members including wives, sisters, aunts, nieces and mothers of those who are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition (TPCC), provides information, education and understanding of the risks of developing prostate cancer, treatment options and the need for screening for men, which is essential to the prevention  and successful treatment of prostate cancer. 


TPCC, which started with seminars and presentations at local churches, has grown into a collaborative willing to work with local health organizations working to decrease the incidence of prostate cancer.  Our programs now include a youth/adult initiative geared toward providing youth/adult males with education on the prostate gland and the risks associated with prostate cancer.


 Prostate cancer effects more than its victims!

Having Prostate Cancer affects everyone involved in the man's life.  Women involved in a man's life can have a positive influence that can help in the prevention and fight against prostate cancer.  In addition to emotional support, they often educate and encourage men to talk to their physician about prostate cancer, make annual doctor visits, and get screened.

Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition

 TPCC initiative includes:

Youth Outreach and Education Program        -   TPCC also speaks to organizations, conducting a 30-minute presentation with a Q&A session. The presentation and Q&A are conducted in an interactive manner, allowing youth/adults to actively participate and ask questions in an open and honest environment. 


The information shared is typically the first time many young males hear the health message. This is the only youth/adult prostate cancer education program in the State of Texas and the United States.


Church Outreach and Education Program   -   TPCC has conducted presentations at churches of various denominations. The presentation includes an overview of prostate cancer that highlights the demographics of who are affected, risks, and provides education and support of vouchers for the under served to get screened. Our presentation also includes the implementation of a simple evaluation tool to measure the knowledge of the audience members before and after the presentation. Finally, when possible, men who qualify are encouraged to be screened by qualified health personnel.

Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition


Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition

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